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Under Review: The Dyson Airwrap

Short story: I think it's 100% worth the investment

When I first saw the Dyson Airwrap Complete, I fell in love with the volume it promised and I am proud to say my love affair is still gong strong! But like any product, it's not perfect. I'm sharing my pros and cons of the Dyson Airwrap Complete and a video tutorial using my favorite tools for insane body and volume.

Disclaimer: I am not a hair expert so take all of this with a grain of salt! But maybe having a non-hair expert give you a review is exactly what you were looking for. If so, here's your Airwrap Bible ;)


  1. You guessed it: INSANE VOLUME

  2. Easy Travel. This isn't a 'hot tool' that you need to allow to cool down before throwing it in your bag. You also get three tools in one! The Dyson attachments take up much less space than traditional hair tools. I have loved traveling with mine!

  3. Affordable attachments. If you love this tool and want more styling options, each attachment is around $30. You can't beat that for an entirely new tool and new style!

  4. Healthier heat. By using one tool to dry and style your hair, you're saving your hair from excess heat! A big bonus for healthy hair.

  5. Quick salon worth hair. I find it impossible to dry my hair with a round brush! The curling attachments and round brush attachment allow me to quickly get salon style without the frustration and disappointment.

  6. Long lasting style. When I style my hair out of the shower with the Dyson Airwrap, I don't restyle my hair (outside of touch-ups) for days! It is the best when traveling and not having your normal routine to lean on. Great hair all trip long!


  1. The price. I get it! This is a huge one. I got my Airwrap as a gift and have loved it, but it is a huge investment for a hair tool! There are other options out there, but none compare to the flexibility this tool gives you in terms of attachments and different styles. For that reason, I get why they've put this price tag on it. Doesn't mean it's worth it to you, though! Other options: T3 Airebrush Duo ($150), Drybar Double Shot Dryer ($150), Revlon Hot Brush ($40)

  2. Noise level. This is the biggest con for me! There's no silently getting ready while listening to music or talking. The Dyson requires the fan to run with each styling, so the noise level is that of a hair dryer for every pass!

  3. Learning curve. For a tool that cost $500, I wanted to see immediate results and that just wasn't the case. It took me MONTHS to finally get the results I was wishing for.


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