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My No Resolution New Year's Resolution

For the last 5 years, I've ditched the typical new years resolutions and focused on just one, singly word. It all started in 2017 when I was 25 years old. I sat down to think about the upcoming year and set a few goals, dreams and resolutions when I realized my entire list was almost identical to that from the year before.

So, I decided to get intentional about that list in 2018. And just like that, there was the beginning of a life changing tradition with myself. 2018 was all about being intentional. Fast forward 12 months and my life looked completely different. I loved how this one word changed my entire year. So, I did it again and again and again.

2019: go

2020: relentless

2021: pause

2022: discover

If you look at what happened during these years it's kinda crazy how that one word weaved itself in every detail. The simplicity of choosing one word kept me focused at every decision I made that year.

In 2019, I didn't want to just stay where I was because it was comfortable, I wanted to "go" - moved jobs, started dating Parks, got engaged, started this whole "what's next" journey. In 2020, I wanted to be relentless in all the big decisions and changes that year would be - marriage, moving, stepping away from my job, and buying a house. In 2021, I wanted to pause and really enjoy all that had changed over the last two years (Funny enough, the biggest change of our our lives would happen this year so these words don't totally work out in every detail! Ha!) In 2022, I wanted to discover who I would be in motherhood and allow for discovery to be enough without having to have it all figured out.

Now, in 2023 I'm choosing the word: expect

I love this word because when you expect something, you prepare for it. I'm not sure exactly what I'm expecting, but I'm preparing for it. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, all of it. I'm preparing for what's next.


What will your word be in 2023? I'd love to know so we can both celebrate the way this year changes your life.

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