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Answering the Top 5 Questions from Social Media

I'm finally answering the top 5 questions that fill my DMs and I keep politely ignoring (sorry about that).

I'm excited to answer the "small talk" questions and catch you up on what the heck I'm doing these days!


Is anyone else terrible at small talk? Because I AM.

small talk smôl ˌtôk/

noun | "a polite conversation about unimportant things"

There is one big thing about the definition that make it very obvious why I am terrible at small talk.

  1. unimportant

I cannot tell you how many times I've left a conversation and thought to myself, "you totally over shared". I usually push the normal small talk conversation forward with follow up questions in a quest to better understand the person I'm speaking to. I'm constantly looking for connection. Something that we share in common.

So, you can imagine when someone asks me the small talk questions, I give them a full-fledged answer they probably weren't looking for. The good news is, if you're reading this you probably DO want the full-fledged answer and then some. Great! Because you're about to get it.

Below are the most asked questions from my DMs. Answering them seemed like the perfect way to kick off this blog.

Q: What do you do?

A: Short answer: I don't have an answer. This used to be easy. "I'm a reporter for the Colts/Panthers!" That would almost always lead to a fun conversation about my job and open the door for a great conversation. Now, I stumble over this question because I'm still learning how to answer this quickly.

The truth is, I'm figuring it out. I'm hyping up and preparing myself to take many "leaps" into things I've always thought would be fun to do but didn't think were real possibilities. At the time of me writing this, I've created a business "In Common Communications, LLC" that houses my media and branding consulting business. I've started this website as a launching point for building a community and a (soon to be) podcast.

But notice my answer to this question: "What do you do?" is all centered around a job or career. I've answered this question like this from the first time I was ever asked. I think we all have. But my answer to this question is a lot more personal. I've spent the last year learning how to be the best wife and support system for my husband. I've moved 3 times. I've become a dog-mom. I've settled us into our first home. I've experienced my first football season as a coach's wife. I've become pregnant. And biggest of all, I've spent the last 2 years redefining my identity. I've changed chasing my "dream job" to chasing my "dream life" and that took stepping back from a traditional job and jumping full-force into other things that don't have professional titles.

I am finally to a point where I am more confident responding to the question: "What do you do?" with this answer, in this order: I'm a wife, a mom-to-be, and I own my own company. So, maybe I am getting a little better at this small talk thing.

Q: What does your company do?

A: Currently, In Common Communication, LLC is a media and branding consulting company that offers training for athletes and organizations. Long story short: I combine all I learned from my decade of broadcasting to help people feel more confident and empowered to have a relationship with the media.

Q: Will you ever work in broadcasting again?

A: I will never say never because the Lord loves to show me how "never" really just means "not yet", but I don't see myself stepping back into a traditional, full-time broadcasting role. That being said, the media world is changing and I'm excited about the opportunities that are out there! You'll hear me on the airwaves again, I just might not talk about football all the time.

Q: Can I work for you?

A: Sometimes I think these people are kidding, but sometimes I don't think they are! Ha!

This question makes me laugh, but also excites me that there are people out there who #1. think my business is big and profitable enough to have employees and #2. that people actually think working with me would be fun! If In Common takes off and I get to hire someone to help me one day, I will look back at this post in amazement because I definitely won't believe it! How fun would that be??

Q: Where is that top (or any other piece of clothing/bag) from?

A: I'm finally going to start linking things for those who want it! I have a LTK page that will allow me to earn a little commission on whatever I share. I'll do my best to stay on top of links!

Have more questions? Ask in the comments and I'll respond (promise)!

Thank you so much for reading this and for continuing to follow me. I'm excited to see how this website can connect us all a little more and help us all feel a bit more in common.


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