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My favorite things of 2022

I'm sharing my top products from the past year. The list is a little random, but these are items I use weekly, if not every single day.

Most links in this post are affiliate links which means I make a small percentage if you purchase through the link. There is no additional cost you, only a little happy for me sharing the product. It means the absolute world to me each time you purchase through one of my links! So, thank you!


Carry-all square bags with handles - I have 2 sets of these are they are life changing! One stays permanently in may car for the random/toys that need a home. The others roam between the car and the house carrying groceries or bags. One square bags hold so much!

Stanley 40oz cup: Look, I don't know why this cup is better than all other I just know it is. I love the size, the fact that it fits in my cup holders, and the straw is fantastic. I have a Yeti and I use the Stanley way more. It's also become my go-to gift.

Lululemon Super-highrise Align Legging: you can only buy these online through Lululemon and you should. I reach for these over every other legging I have when i'm just hanging around the house. I got these when pregnant and they have proven to be amazing pregnancy or not. Worth the $$$

Pop-socket: Carry your phone without taking up a whole hand. If you're a parent, you get it. This little thing also gives me the satisfaction of shutting a flip phone without having a flip phone IYKYK.

Amazon Alexa: Parks loves technology and has made each of our homes run through Alexa for lights, thermostat, etc. Most of our lamps in the house run through Philips Hue Lights. It's super nice to set a relaxing mood to any room. We can also control our house from afar when we travel.

Birkenstock Sandals: I've reached the point in my life where I want comfortable shoes. I want them to look good, but they need to be comfortable. These hit the mark for me! I wore them everyday in the warmer months and almost bought the fuzzy version for the cooler month (still, may).

Airpods: I talk about these a lot don't I? Well, I love them. Use them daily.

My favorite podcast and playlist

Varley Vine Sweatshirt: Varley is my favorite brand of 2022. I love, love, love their tops. For me, their leggins are just okay but the tops and jackets are elite. I've rented just about every color of the Vine Sweatshirt from Nuuly and love it. It's such an great gift idea too. Linked my favorite color!

Nuuly: Clothing rental company I started using in the spring and LOVE it. Carry all Anthropology + Free People + Varley + more. Cannot recommend this enough! No affiliate link but I do have something better - a link that will get you a percentage off your first month. Renting clothes has saved me SO much money.

Agolde Jeans and shorts: I almost exclusively wear this brand in jeans and jean shorts. High quality worth the prive tag! Nuuly carries this brand and is a great way to try on multiple styles/sizes. I've purchased a few through Nuuly at a discounted price!

Okay, stopping there because these are the best of the best from 2022! Hope you fall in love with them as well!

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