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Motherhood: My Hospital Bag

Like most of you, I googled "hospital bag checklist" and printed off the longest list just to make sure I didn't miss anything. What I ended up with was a bag full of things I never used. I completely overpacked! So, here's the nitty gritty list that will hopefully help you arrive at the hospital with exactly what you need and feel good about leaving all the other stuff at home.

Bag I took my weekender bag and it was perfect. If you remember, I went on a long hard search for the perfect weekend bag and found it in the Beis Travel Tote. Other weekend/travel bags are linked here: Weekender Bags

Blanket/Comfort Item I took a barefoot dreams blanket thinking I might use it, might not. This blanket turned into my comfort item during labor. I had a great delivery experience but that doesn't mean I didn't have anxiety. I used this blanket non-stop for about a week while in the hospital and at home. Good news, Nordstrom Rack has Barefoot Dreams blankets for an incredible price. My blanket is linked here: Barefoot Dreams. I also brought my pillow and would recommend doing the same! My suggestion: put on a pillow case that is not white! We almost left mine at the hospital because it blended in with all of their non-comfy pillows!

Speaker We listened to the "Deep Sleep" playlist on Spotify for the entire time we were in labor and delivery. Whatever your vibe, bring a speaker! We love this one: JBL Charge 5

Outfit This is where I went wrong! So many list told me to bring pajamas to wear while in the hospital and I never changed out of the gowns they provided. Maybe you'll be different! Just take into consideration there is A LOT going on with your body and I personally didn't want to ruin any of my clothes. I changed into my "going home" outfit about and hour before we walked out of the hospital doors and would bet most women do the same!

Shoes I wore my Uggs home and they were perfect for two reasons: 1. super comfy 2. my feet swelled after delivery and my Uggs allowed comfy space for the swelling! I had no idea swelling was normal postpartum so i'm glad I just so happen to have my Uggs. I also packed shower shoes linked here: Shower Shoes

Face Wash Let's be honest, a clean face is life-giving. Linking my go-to face wash here: Revision Brightening Face Wash

Body Soap I didn't bring this and will most definitely bring my own body wash next time! I use boring Dove soap bars, but bring whatever you love best.

Toothbrush This is a given but consider buying an extra toothbrush and toothpaste to go ahead and have in your bag ready to go. One less thing you have to remember when throwing your bags in the car to go the hospital!

MakeUp Throwing on some makeup helped me feel more like myself! Not to mention, you'll want to take some photos and we all love ourselves with a little concealer on! Linking my makeup ride or dies here: Caroline's Favorites

Peri Bottle The hospital will provide all you need for postpartum care including a peri bottle! However, I like this one better! Not necessary, but you'll thank me: Frida Mom Peri Bottle

Entertainment I labored through the night and didn't need any entertainment other than sleep, but we did pack a few things that I believe would've been great had we gotten bored waiting for our little man to make his arrival. Pack your computer, your kindle, a pack of cards, or anything else that will help pass the time!

Camera Linking my camera that I absolutely love having for our family: Sony A6400 and a more affordable option if you're not ready to take the full plunge: Nikon Coolpix

I hope this helps you narrow down your list of things to pack! This is such an exciting time of life so enjoy getting your bag together and all the special moments that are to follow.

If you have other suggestions, leave them in the comment section!

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