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Motherhood: Top Newborn Items

There are so, so, so, so, so (you get it?) many baby items! It's overwhelming and by no means do I have all the answers for your baby, but Parks and I both agreed these are the top 3 items we used most when we brought our son home.

1. Dock-A-Tot

I spent a lot (like, a lot a lot) of time watching our son breath those first few days. Can other parents relate? My postpartum anxiety didn't trust our son to breath in this big world outside the womb! The Dock-A-Tot allowed us to move him around the house while also keeping him comfy for naps and bedtime. We also use the Dock-A-Tot when traveling. It's such an easy "bed" to for little ones!

2. Sound Machine/BabyShusher

We had a few sound machines in our house before our son's arrival but a late add was the BabyShusher and it is worth all the hype. Might sound silly if you're reading this pre-baby, but paying $35 to not have to "shush" for hours on end to calm your newborn is money well spent! Ha! It's portable and we take it everywhere. Linked here: BabyShusher

We had many different brands of swaddles but the Halo Micro Fleece Swaddle seemed to be Trace's favorite. I loved the Ollie swaddle and he didn't seem to mind it, but when we wrapped him up in the cozy fleece Halo he just relaxed and snoozed so well. Worth trying on your little one!


Pacifier - Not all babies take a pacifier, but our son did! We didn't give him a pacifier until the second week at home but I won't hesitate to give our future kids a pacifier as soon as we get home from the hospital. There is a lot of research linking pacifiers to reducing SIDS and they can help soothe your baby - two things I can get onboard with! You may have to try a few different brands and sizes to find a pacifier your baby likes, but here are the ones we use: MAM Pacifiers

Plain white onesies - Keep it simple and buy a few packs on these! I'd dress him in cute clothes when we had somewhere to go but he lived in these simple onesies as a newborn.

What are you go-to newborn items? Leave them in the comments!

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